Digital Marketing Tips 2018

Digital Marketing Dos & Donts for 2018

Digital marketing is always changing. Sometimes it can feel hard to keep up, but digital marketing is all about understanding your customers and keeping up-to-date with current trends. Here are some dos and don’ts for digital marketing in 2018  –

Do create a company blog

Most successful online businesses, such as Cut My Sign, have a blog these days. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t jump on the bandwagon. One of the things Google ranks websites on is fresh, quality content. If you have a blog post with high-quality posts on, that is updated regularly, your website should climb up Google’s rankings. Start by basing your posts on questions asked by your customers – for example, a guitar teacher might write a blog post called “What Guitar Should You Buy When You’re Starting Out?”.

Do optimise your website for mobile users

More people use the internet on their mobile phones than on desktops now. Despite that, most companies forget to optimise their websites for mobile users. If you haven’t already, make sure your website works effectively on all devices and if it doesn’t, fix it. Users will switch off immediately if the user experience isn’t easy. Hunt Digital specialise in optimising web sites.

Do improve your customer’s online experience

Your company’s online experience should always be customer focused. Get inside the head of your customers and make sure their online experience of your company is positive. You can test your website using platforms like UserTesting.

Do talk to your customers directly

One of the easiest ways to improve your digital marketing is by talking to your customers. Ask them to complete a quick survey to get insights into your digital marketing efforts. If you are struggling to get people to answer questions, you could offer a discount on your products, in exchange for completing a survey.

Do increase your video output

Video is important. Most social media platforms now focus on video and your company should be increasing its video output. Even if you are doing it on a small budget, you can create high-quality content that your customers will appreciate. Remember, practice makes perfect. If your videos aren’t great to start with, keep trying.

Do use digital advertising alongside organic search

If people are searching for your company organically, you are doing well! But you can still improve by backing it up with digital advertising. PPC (pay-per-click) advertising like Google Adwords can put your website to the top of Google, and you only pay when people click on your advert. By doing this, customers will associate your company with other respected brands that appear at the top of Google.

Do use local search marketing

Even if your business is international, you can still benefit from local customers. Local search marketing is the process of making sure your local customers can find you. For example, a hairdresser in London would want to come first on a Google search for “London hairdressers”. Think about what your local customers would type into Google and incorporate these terms into your website copy, Katie who reviews things like kitchen bins does this when looking to optimise for local, since its very different to national.

Do optimise for voice search

More and more people are searching using their voice. That means they are searching as they would speak, and you need to optimise your website content and keywords appropriately. When you’re doing keyword research, think about what questions customers would ask to find your products. You can even use these as headers in blog posts or website content. This is clearly shown on who offer customers to buy cot beds with voice search.

Don’t post lots of average blog posts

Fresh content is important, but not if it’s low-quality. If your blog posts are rubbish, no one is going to read them, and Google won’t recognise them as high-quality content. Spend time on producing really high-quality blog posts, even if they aren’t regular. Check out the who specialise in science parties for great content.

Don’t ignore social media for collaboration

Social media isn’t just for finding customers, you can also find other businesses to collaborate with. Find businesses that have similar customer bases and contact them. If you can find a way to share each other’s products, you can share customers and increase profits.

Don’t downplay the importance of live video

Live video has become huge in the last few years and so many businesses are missing out. Not only does live video give your customers an insight into your business personality, it will come up first on their news feed. That’s an opportunity that can’t be missed.

Don’t forget to build an email database

You need to be collecting emails at all times. A strong customer email database will give you a huge scope in the future for email marketing campaigns. Ask for emails at every opportunity, but always make sure customers can opt out of your emails.