Digital Marketing Tips 2018

Digital Marketing Dos & Donts for 2018

Digital marketing is always changing. Sometimes it can feel hard to keep up, but digital marketing is all about understanding your customers and keeping up-to-date with current trends. Here are some dos and don’ts for digital marketing in 2018  –

Do create a company blog

Most successful online businesses, have a blog these days. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t jump on the bandwagon. One of the things Google ranks websites on is fresh, quality content. If you have a blog post with high-quality posts on, that is updated regularly, your website should climb up Google’s rankings. Start by basing your posts on questions asked by your customers – for example, a guitar teacher might write a blog post called “What Guitar Should You Buy When You’re Starting Out?”.

Do optimise your website for mobile users

More people use the internet on their mobile phones than on desktops now. Despite that, most companies forget to optimise their websites for mobile users. If you haven’t already, make sure your website works effectively on all devices and if it doesn’t, fix it. Users will switch off immediately if the user experience isn’t easy. Hunt Digital specialise in optimising web sites.

Do improve your customer’s online experience

Your company’s online experience should always be customer focused. Get inside the head of your customers and make sure their online experience of your company is positive. You can test your website using platforms like UserTesting.

Do talk to your customers directly

One of the easiest ways to improve your digital marketing is by talking to your customers. Keep Moving Care is good example, you can try their live chat. Ask them to complete a quick survey to get insights into your digital marketing efforts. If you are struggling to get people to answer questions, you could offer a discount on your products, in exchange for completing a survey.

Do increase your video output

Video is important. Most social media platforms now focus on video and your company should be increasing its video output. Even if you are doing it on a small budget, you can create high-quality content that your customers will appreciate. Remember, practice makes perfect. If your videos aren’t great to start with, keep trying.

Do use digital advertising alongside organic search

If people are searching for your company organically, you are doing well! But you can still improve by backing it up with digital advertising. PPC (pay-per-click) advertising like Google Adwords can put your website to the top of Google, and you only pay when people click on your advert. By doing this, customers will associate your company with other respected brands that appear at the top of Google.

Do use local search marketing

Even if your business is international, you can still benefit from local customers. Local search marketing is the process of making sure your local customers can find you. For example, a hairdresser in London would want to come first on a Google search for “London hairdressers”. Think about what your local customers would type into Google and incorporate these terms into your website copy, Katie who reviews things like kitchen bins does this when looking to optimise for local, since its very different to national.

Do optimise for voice search

More and more people are searching using their voice. That means they are searching as they would speak, and you need to optimise your website content and keywords appropriately. When you’re doing keyword research, think about what questions customers would ask to find your products. You can even use these as headers in blog posts or website content. This is clearly shown on who offer customers to buy cot beds with voice search.

Don’t post lots of average blog posts

Fresh content is important, but not if it’s low-quality. If your blog posts are rubbish, no one is going to read them, and Google won’t recognise them as high-quality content. Spend time on producing really high-quality blog posts, even if they aren’t regular. Check out the who specialise in science parties for great content.

Don’t ignore social media for collaboration

Social media isn’t just for finding customers, you can also find other businesses to collaborate with. Find businesses that have similar customer bases and contact them. If you can find a way to share each other’s products, you can share customers and increase profits.

Don’t downplay the importance of live video

Live video has become huge in the last few years and so many businesses are missing out. Not only does live video give your customers an insight into your business personality, it will come up first on their news feed. That’s an opportunity that can’t be missed.

Don’t forget to build an email database

You need to be collecting emails at all times. A strong customer email database will give you a huge scope in the future for email marketing campaigns. Ask for emails at every opportunity, but always make sure customers can opt out of your emails.

Skills you need to master to become an elite SEO

Are you one of those who aspire to become an SEO or you are already an SEO but you want to be better at it? Here are some of the things you need to be good at that may help you to become a great SEO. There are a lot of things that can determine if you are a good SEO, most of the SEO has a team leader who leads the team and assigns them their task but it will be not that effective if the people are not skillful enough to follow the team leader, so here are the things you might want to master. You should take a look at some sites for some great SEO examples.

Researching, as an SEO you will do a lot of researching and you need to be a master of it too. You need to know what to tackle and what to pass on so that time will not be wasted. It does not end there, you must be always updated in the SEO industry in order to keep up with your competitors out there.

Analysis, being an SEO means tackling mind wrecking things in your daily basis and to be a better SEO you need to overcome these things by practicing your analytic skills, taking data from who, what and where and understand how and why is very important to your job.

Humility, if you are on the job for several years you will feel that you already learned what is needed to be learned in your job. That is exactly wrong, in the SEO world, there are always surprising changes, everything changes in a few days or weeks.

Coding basics, many think that you must have a degree in computer programing in order to become a good SEO. In today’s technology the SEO job becomes easier and open to most people because of the advanced software that is being used today, just follow the instructions step by step and you will be good. You can sell anything with SEO.

Communication, this skill is very crucial in the SEO world. You must always communicate with your team leader and teammates so that your task will be carried out without any problems. It does not only apply to your workmates but also to clients as well, you need to practice communication skills in order to gain clients and answer their concerns about the work, added Keep Moving Care.

Learning speed, being an SEO means you have to learn fast because in the SEO world new things come every day and you need to absorb it fast and gather information from it. It will also give you an advantage if you can learn faster than the others, you will be able to use new tools that others do not know about yet.

The last one is not really a skill but it is a mindset, being tenacious in your work leads to success. SEO world can be cruel sometimes, your works may be denied or your efforts will be ignored but if you want to strive you must learn how to deal against these things.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search engine optimization is an activity which aims to improve your websites search engine ranking. Search engine optimization or better known as SEO is just a simple thing it is the work that is being done in order for your website to be found in search engines such as Yahoo and Google immediately. You will have to list phrases and words that are relevant to your website in order for it to show up during being search in a search engine. Most of the SEO companies will not answer you if you ask what they are doing inside the company they prefer for their clients to know nothing about their work. Searching engine ranking is being ranked depending on how well the SEO does his work, depending on the numbers or how accurate are his words or phrases is in relevant to the website he is been working on. To be short the SEO’s job is to make sure that his website will be the first thing google or yahoo will be showing every time someone searches things that are relevant to your website.

Common problems in SEO organization

They are most likely to have a conflict with search engines, search engines decree their revenues because of the SEO because search engine gets paid by pay per click and having an a Sussex SEO service means lesser clicks for the clients. There are no set of rules for how to do SEO that is why there is always a conflict between the two organizations.

There have been many reports about lazy SEOs, one company hired them for a large money but after a month they failed to do their task. That is very unacceptable in the industry.

SEO’s cannot be trusted by just looking at their rankings. Most of the people tend to hire SEOs in the higher rank but these ranks are ranks from their previous websites one or two years ago and yes it is rank high because of their good work and effort. But there is no guarantee that they will work like that to you. Many SEO becomes lazy after establishing a good website and because of the money they are earning they will neglect smaller works.

Opposing Strategies of SEO: White vs Black Hat

On search engine optimization of blog posts, it is very important to consider the techniques that will be used. When “technique” is being mentioned in the field of writing, it simply means the way wherein technical details are dealt with and specifically with doing SEO, there are two famous methods in which content-writers could choose from in creating blog posts namely: black hat SEO and White hat SEO. Audio Concierge who sells Astell & Kern products is a prime example of working white-hat.

These two techniques have the same goal of generating traffic through links. Nevertheless, you are probably wondering what the difference could be between the two.

As the colors black and white are opposite, so is the two SEO techniques mentioned. Each has its own advantage and disadvantages. While the white hat strategies follow a methodology that takes after Google’s principles – especially considering the quality of the content, the black hat strategies, on the other hand, take the full opposite which is choosing a more forceful approach that isn’t reluctant in twisting or violating the guidelines.

To further explain the differences between the two SEO techniques, let us dig deep into their specific strategies.

What is Black Hat SEO?

This strategy basically aims to get higher ranks with the use of techniques that breaks the principles of Google. The following are examples of Black Hat SEO:

1. Over-Stuffing of Unrelated Words. This strategy is very effective that the more unrelated words are included in the site, the more visits possibly that site could get and then results in a generation of traffic. Even so, this case is a red flag for the search engines and sooner or later could lead to the banning of the site or penalizing to a lower rank.
2. Content-Hiding, Cloaking, and Link-Farming. The goal of these strategies is to deceptively present a different content to the visitors and search engines by including the keywords in the URL and hyphen, putting the same color of font and background, reducing the font size to zero and so on. As well, there are tricks that gather vast of unrelated links that are usually hidden from the actual site owners.

What is White Hat SEO?

This strategy generally abides by the principles implemented by Google. This strategy is affirmative with the readers since the main aim is to provide useful information and relevant contents.

1. Keywords Research and Appropriate Usage. This concerns the research and usage of the keywords that are relevant and related to the topic accordingly. These keywords, be it a single word or long-tailed phrases, are expected to be the distinguishing words viewers may use in finding the site. A key example is who review the best rotary washing lines.

2. Organized Site Structures. This is about the overall feature of the site. The organization, structure, including the meta-descriptions and the images to be used, are all part of the totality of the site. Optimizing this strategy is a great factor in showcasing the value of the content and acquiring readers, viewers, and supporters.

3. Relevant Backlinks and Internal Links. Another strategy that helps a lot in SEO is the openness of the site with the communication externally and internally. This is the method of linking and getting backlinks from the sites writing similar or related topic to yours. As well, internal linking shows the value of the site, at most 2 or 3 links per page.

4. Quality Content. Last and most important of all, this is the strategy of making the content valuable and informative for the benefit of the readers. The quality of the article itself is the basis of how it will be worthy of being liked, shared and linked. This is the most essential technique in creating an SEO blog post that is intended to be objective and long-term.

Search engine optimization is a given opportunity for the content-writers to ranks their works up high and gain traffics and subscribers. It is a process of hard work, patience and showcasing of own works with full excellence and originality. With that, the real hard-workers and principle-abiders will surely be paid off.